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MeterMall.com offers a wide selection of anemometers for directly measuring wind and air velocity.  You will love our prices and love our selection.  

Sometimes called wind speed or air speed meters, anemometers are generally classified as hot wire, vane, or pitot tube.

The Hot Wire Anemometer is best for accurately measuring air flow at very low velocities (eg., under 100 ft/min).  Some models are designed to measure velocities as high as 15,000 ft/min but still have very accurate measuring capability down to 10 ft/min.  

The Vane Anemometer relies in a rotating impeller to sense air velocity.  Vane anemometers are the best choice for measuring wind speed.  Many have user selectable units of measure: ft/min, m/s, MPH, km/h, knots, and Beaufort force to accommodate a wide variety of applications.

A Thermoanemometer is any hot wire or vane anemometer having the added feature of air temperature measurement.  

A Data Logging Anemometer is designed to store measurements for later review.  Some will download logged air velocity readings to your computer for review, graphing, and further analysis.  

A Pitot Tube used with a digital manometer is often used to accurately measure air velocity in HVAC applications.  Pitot tubes compare static pressure and velocity pressure, which is converted into an air velocity readings and volumetric air flow measurements.

We are confident that the Anemometer Store @ MeterMall.com has an air speed meter, wind speed meter, or pitot tube system to meet your measuring or data logging needs. We are proud to carry anemometers form these fine manufactures:  Extech, Mannix, Testo, and Dwyer Instruments.   If you would like to discuss your application with one of our product specialists, please call us toll free: 1-800-969-0114 or email us at Sales@MeterMall.com.

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  Anemometers from Mannix

Mannix HWA4204HA Hot Wire Anemometer
Telescoping probe great for measuring in HVAC ducts and small vents.  4' reach.   

Mannix DAF3010 Mini Airflow Meter w/Wind Chill
Wind speed, temp and wind chill.  Great little meter for outdoors.   

Mannix DLAF8000 4-in-1 Anemometer +
4-in-1 air velocity, temperature, humidity, and light intensity all in one meter!   

Mannix DAF80MIN Mini Vane Anemometer
Tiny impeller on telescoping probe great for small, hard-to-reach places.   

Mannix DAF80PW Heavy Duty Vane Anemometer
2-piece unit with 2.8" diam. vane and RS323 output.   

Mannix DAF80PWM High Temperature Metal Vane Anemometer
Metal vane for high temps & velocities to 7880 ft/min.   

Mannix WDCFM8901 Vane Anemometer with RS232
2-piece unit with large vane and RS323 output.   

Mannix WDCFM8912 Vane Anemometer w/ CFM & Btu
One of the few anemometers of its type to measure humidity and Btu.   

Mannix DCFM8906 Integrated Vane Anemometer with CFM
One piece unit for single hand measurements, CFM calc and RS323 output.   


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