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Smoke Pen                                                                                Generate continuous or intermittent smoke.  Great for low-velocity air testing.  Reusable.  
Smoke  Sticks                                                                              Produce about 10 minutes of dense white smoke for checking air flow and leaks.  Package of 12. 
Smoke Matches                                                                              Strike these like a regular match!  No flame, but plenty of smoke for about 30 sec.  Box of 20. 
Smoke Puffers                                                                                 100's of discrete smoke puffs for testing low-velocity air movement.  Disposable.  Package of 10
Smoke Gun Kit                                                                                Puffs or streams of dense, persistent smoke. Reusable.  
Powder Gun Kit                                                                                Safe, non-noxious puffs of white powder.  Reusable.  
Powder Smoke                                                                                Safe, non-noxious puffs of white powder.  Reusable.  
Smoke Emitters                                                                           Generous amounts of smoke for leak testing and air flow studies.  Variety of burn times and smoke volumes to meet your needs.  
Smoke Candles                                                                               Even more smoke for leak testing and air-flow studies.  Several sizes to choose from.  

Smart Smoke Smoke Detector Test                           
NFPA 72 Compliant test for smoke detectors and aspirator systems  

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