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Humidity + Temperature Chart Recorder
Best value paperless LCD chart recorder on the market.  Easy to set an operate. 

Professional Temperature & Humidity Meter       
Precision temp/humidity instrument for the professional.  Recalibratable  

Temperature & Humidity Pen
Fast, accurate temp and RH readings with large LCD.   
Pocket Temperature & Humidity Pen         
Measure temp and humidity with this pocket-sized meter.

Temperature & Humidity Pen with calibration standards
One Temp/Humidity pen and a set of reusable humidity standards to keep your readings accurate over time.  
Infrared non-contact surface temperature thermometer
Measure surface temperatures quickly and accurately with these infra-red thermometers with laser pointer.  Select from 3 models. 
Mini Infrared surface temperature thermometer
Compact mini infrared thermometer fits in the palm of your hand.  
Veterinary livestock thermometer
Rugged digital livestock thermometer for farm and ranch. 
Digital Hygro-Thermometer with Dew Point
Accurate, reliable air temp, humidity and dew point readings

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